Back from the Conference

Well we are back in our respective cities, and much like everyone else who attended the Internet Ministry Conference, our hearts and heads are very full. It’s always a wonderful time to see all the ministries that we work with on a consistent basis, and even more so to see our fellow co-workers face to face (not all of us can live in Hawaii, unfortunately).

However, we knew this year would be a little different with the closing of conference organizer Gospel Communications fresh on the horizon. But I think we were all quite impressed that despite the frustrations and confusion people may have had, the attitude of the conference was not one of navel-gazing or somberness, but one of motivation and courage. There is always a sadness with the ending of a chapter, but an excitement and a hope with the beginning of the next, and that was never more true than at this conference.

As Agathon’s resident extrovert, I want to personally thank all of you who stopped by and talked with us. It was so good to see all of you, and while we’re sorry that we can’t give you all iPods, we hope that we can help you in other more practical ways in the future. :)

There are, of course, many more questions that float around out there unanswered, and if there’s any of those that we can help answer, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone any time. I got my fill of talking to people, and I miss it already, so feel free to just call and say hi if you must.

And if you all want autographs on your trading cards, I’m sure we could arrange something. :)

So a big thanks from us to Gospel Communications and all you incredible ministries that have made the Internet Ministry Conference what it is. Though it will probably never look the same as it has, I do hope that the community and the purpose will.


Next Week @ Bootcamp and IMC

The Agathon Group team is all headed out next week to teach our annual Bootcamp conference, followed by several days of speaking and hanging out at the Internet Ministry Conference. If you’ll be at the Internet Ministry Conference, please stop by and say hi to us! Not only would we love to see you and chat, but we’re also raffling a free iPod touch, so make sure to stop by for your opportunity to win.

Since we all work around the country (spanning six time zones), this is our once a year opportunity to not only see a lot of our clients face to face, but to also see each other face to face. It’s a whirlwind every year, but it’s always a good time.

During both conferences, project work will be put on pause, however technical support will continue as normal.

If you’re at the IMC, we’ll see you soon! We wish you safe travels on the way!

ISP Planet profiles Agathon Group

ISP Planet, a widely-read site dedicated to ISPs, web hosts and data centers, has a write-up about Agathon Group, an “open source webhost… dedicated to business excellence and moral excellence.”

Of the variety of clients we serve, Alex Goldman wanted to focus on our work for ministries and the Church, but in the second half of the profile also talks a bit about grid hosting and its tremendous benefits.

Peter has been doing quite a few interviews lately due to some of the ways we’re breaking new ground with self-service grid hosting. I’ll try to remember to post more as they publish.

Real Life Tron

In a cool story of art imitating [artificial] life, programmer Daniel Wellman describes his Tron game in which “lightcycles” battle in an arena, forcing each other to crash into walls. In the 1982 movie on which the game is based, a lightcycle breaks through an arena wall to escape and run wild (hope I didn’t just ruin the movie for anyone).

In the game version, a programming bug… allows lightcycles to escape and run wild through the computer’s RAM, causing spectacular system crashes. I can only imagine their profound shock when they realized their software was flawed in exactly the same way as the movie’s villainous Master Control Program.

A geeky read, but entertaining to the core.

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