Selecting the right hosting is one of the most important decisions you can make for your site, but it doesn’t have to be scary or hard. The packages below are a great starting point for the majority of our customers. If you’re not sure which one’s for you, we can figure it out together!
$70 / month
0.25 CPU core
1.5 GB RAM
15 GB storage
Designed for sites that are just getting off the ground and need a flexible plan with room to grow.
Power User
$130 / month
1.0 CPU core
2.6 GB RAM
30 GB storage
Designed for sites with a rapidly-growing audience and a few robust features.
$240 / month
2.0 CPU core
5.1 GB RAM
60 GB storage
Designed for established sites that need a lot of horsepower to keep content flowing to a large audience.

0.25 cores
8.0 cores
0.5 GB
16.4 GB
15 GB
480 GB

$ / month + $20 setup

What are our customers saying?

Avatar epa
You linked arms with us during a very difficult moment when we were weary.
Avatar ultbund
Thanks so much for your personal attention this morning, and for really making our recovery a priority. You guys are really a treat to work with, and I can’t recommend you highly enough.
Avatar ad
Extremely knowledgeable, extremely helpful, extremely efficient... and all with a sense of humor! I'm confident my blog and business would not be where they are today without the talented staff at Agathon. Agathon has walked with me from the very beginning, helping me create and launch my new blog, through various updates, and even a complete blog overhaul. Every single time, they have greatly exceeded my expectations and left me with a top-of-the-line web presence that has propelled me to the top of my niche.
Avatar litmin
And a big thanks to you and the Agathon crew, Morgan… for being willing to accept the small guys along with the big ones.
Avatar csm
It's truly been wonderful working more in-depth with you guys over the past year. Grateful for each staff person we've worked with!
Avatar licentia
Agathon has a distinct ability to take my business needs and formulate them into technology-oriented business solutions. These are not just people that understand technology—and they do that extremely well—but these people understand the foundational needs of business.
Avatar ch
Agathon is great! They are reliable, attentive and have tackled all of my challenges with ease. They are always on the job for me and have modified programs, fixed errors and have even stopped a vacation to fix an error for me.
Avatar marismith
Your service is stellar, btw and I would be happy to recommend you anytime. :)
Avatar rumspeed
Everything has been running smoothly over here and I wanted to thank you for working with me to get everything situated. I've been able to focus on my business and not managing hosting issues.
Avatar act
Many thanks for all the greatly appreciated and excellent work you have done re the ACTS web ministry.
Avatar specforces
Thanks, guys—as always, your quick response and persistence in figuring out the problem and solution makes me glad to have chosen Agathon as my host.
Avatar princeton
I love working with Agathon. The work is solid and the people are friendly. I’m really happy with what we have accomplished together.
Avatar tfl
Truth For Life has been working in partnership with Agathon for well over a year now and I must say everyone in our organization is deeply grateful and pleased. They consistently produce high-quality work, keep their word, have a wide variety of skill-sets as needed and can be trusted with any details. I highly recommend them.
Avatar moritz
After working with a number of different hosts, I have finally found “THE ONE” I will never leave! Agathon has given my clients and I amazing support, reliability and great value! I love Peter and the gang over at Agathon! The personalized service is the best…they know me by name, not just as another number on their client list.