Domain Registration

By registering a domain, you agree to the Registration Agreement. Some domain extensions have additional restrictions, listed below.


You may also want to take a few minutes to read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about domain name fraud.

Domains we offer

All prices are per year unless indicated otherwise. WHOIS privacy is optionally available (except as noted under 'restrictions') at no extra charge.

extension duration price restrictions
1-10 yrs $20
.info 1-10 yrs $20
.asia 1-10 yrs $25 Requirements and restrictions outlined in the .asia Registration Requirements.
WHOIS Privacy is not available for .asia domains.
.at 1yr+ $30
.be 1yr+ $15
.bz 1yr+ $35
.biz 1yr+ $25 For business or commericial use only, not for personal use. Requests will be checked against a trademark database for prior claims
.ca 1-10 yrs $25 Requires a physical presence in Canada. Special confirmation of registration required
.cc 1+ yrs $50 Substantial fees for changing domain ownership
.ch 1+ yrs $30
1-5 yrs $25
.de 1+ yrs $15 The Registrant OR the Administrative Contact must reside in Germany. In addition to the registration agreement, you also must agree to the Registration Terms and Conditions and the Registration Guidelines
.es 1yr+ $30
.eu 1yr+ $15
.fm 1yr+ $115
.fr 1+ yrs $25 You must meet the definition of a qualified registrant.
.in 1yr+ $25
.it 1yr+ $25 Requires a physical presence in European Union. Special confirmation of registration required
.li 1yr+ $30
.mx 1yr+ $45
.nl 1yr+ $15
.mobi 1-10 yrs $20 There are style and other restrictions for use of .mobi domains, as outlined in the .mobi domain policies.
.name 1-10 yrs $20
A special email forwarding bundle is available ($40).
.tv 1+ yrs $45 Prices for high profile names negotiated separately.
2+ yrs $25/two years intended for UK-based organizations. In addition to the general Registration Agreement, you must also meet the additional .uk Registration Terms.
.us 1+ yrs $10 .us is reserved for those with a US presence (as outlined in the Registration Agreement)
.ws 1+ yrs $35

Please be sure to review your Rights and Responsibilities as well as any registration restrictions listed above.