Moving to the cloud shouldn't mean re-inventing the wheel or losing control.

Our private cloud solution gives you the features you need, without putting you in a box.

Your Cloud. Your Control.

Our team of experts will demystify the process and stick with you through the entire journey.

Peter Green, CTO Agathon

In today’s environment, “cloud hosting” can mean anything… or nothing at all. Agathon can help you weed out the jargon so you can really envision how the cloud can work for you. And we’ll even help you get there by building exactly what you need in a new private cloud solution.

Peter Green, CTO Agathon

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Out of sight, but never out of mind.

Dedicated Hardware

Custom-built hardware dedicated only to you means you never have to share any of your resources with strangers. It's all yours.


Real time data mirroring within the cloud makes sure you never lose data, whether it's file storage, databases or virtual machines. Zero data loss.


Not only is your data secured with industry leading technology, you have greater control of who has access to your networks within the cloud.


Virtual servers allow you to spin up a server for a specific task. More servers doing dedicated tasks means more productivity!


Increase and decrease application resources with a few clicks, or automatically, to seamlessly handle bursts in demand.


Move or clone virtual machines between data centers and even to a separate cloud to ensure seamless recovery in the event of a disaster.

Simple Management

Whether you prefer the command line or using a Web interface, our cloud solution doesn't require you to learn a proprietary configuration schema.

Not sure where to start? Let's talk!

Global availability meeting you where you are.

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Support? We’ve got your back!

When it comes to support, we treat your problems as if they were our own. Why? We're a small company and we're committed to partnering with our customers to earn their trust and deliver exceptional service. We care, because caring is the right thing to do.

Get a quote

We don't like to brag, but we think you'll be blown away by how affordable your own private cloud can be, even compared to the big guys! Drop us an email, or call us up. We'll help you dial in the perfect solution at a great price!

Peter Green
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As a Partner and CTO, Peter works directly with our private cloud clients.

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