Who We Are

Agathon Group is a technology studio specializing in cloud hosting and custom software solutions. We focus our deep knowledge and experience on solving your problems, so that you can focus on pursuing your vision.

What We Do

High Performance Cloud Hosting
Today your audience may be manageable, but can you easily expand to meet the growing demand? Agathon's cloud hosting gives you the ability to add capacity right when you need it.

Custom Solutions
Know what you want to do but not sure how to do it? Agathon can help you take your concept and quickly translate it into design and running code to bring it to life.

Case Studies

Recovery Planner needed international, secure, and scalable hosting for their Business Continuity Management platform. Agathon Group provided private clouds in multiple SaS 70 Type II-compliant data centers throughout the US and Canada. Continue

Show and Tell from Morgan

Walk the Way

There’s a concept that’s becoming more and more applicable called “Mobile First” which just means designing for mobile devices first, and then ultimately moving back to the desktop site...

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