About Agathon Group

Agathon Group has been providing hardware, software, and hosted solutions for a variety of organizations since 1999; before, during and after the infamous "dotcom bubble" that claimed so many other companies.

We started from a desire to help non-profits achieve their strategic goals by helping solve the harder technical hurdles. Our clientele today reflects those roots, ranging from regional telecommunications firms to worldwide mission organizations, from local high schools to secondary technical institutes in Europe, from a leader in biotech instrumentation and environmental research to the largest Christian ticketing firm on the internet.

We get asked frequently about our name. "Agathon" is a Greek term found in the New Testament of the Bible (Romans 8:28, Philippians 1:6) meaning, roughly, "That which is good." We like to just say, "The good stuff" as an indication of the quality of work for which we continue to strive.

Luke Baker: Developer

Specialties: Systems development, systems architecture, web development

Other: Gardening, cooking, ultimate frisbee

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

While at Gospel Communications, Luke spent several years as a System Administrator before shifting over for several more as a Software Developer. In coming to Agathon, Luke brings a versatile tool set and body of knowledge blending his talents both as a systems architect and as a web programmer. View Luke's profile on LinkedIn.

Joel Boonstra: Software Architect, Owner

Specialties: Programming, interface design, database design

Other: Movies, softball, useless trivia

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Joel came to Agathon Group from Gospel Communications, where his duties spanned technical support (for over 300 organizations), website development, and training. At Agathon Group, Joel creates usable and powerful web applications to help people get things done quickly. View Joel's LinkedIn profile.

Joel has given conference presentations on Advanced PHP, Bootcamp: PHP, and CSS, Javascript and AJAX.

Morgan Foster: Support Lead

Specialties: Customer service, troubleshooting, web development

Other: Music, sports, video games

Location: Chicago, Illinois

A graduate in Theatre and a musician on the side, Morgan has always had a passion for bridging the gap between technology and people, working most recently for Gospel Communications as part of their technical support team. He brings his technical knowledge and friendliness to Agathon Group, so that customers may feel at ease to ask questions and receive prompt and easy to understand answers.

Peter Green: CTO, Owner

Specialties: Virtualization, cloud computing, Linux systems and networks

Other: Worship music, Spanish, baseball

Location: Lancaster, California

As the first System Administrator at both Gospel Communications and Donor.com, Peter laid the groundwork for the incredible growth that both organizations have experienced. In joining Agathon Group, he brings his considerable knowledge of Linux systems and network design to empower organizations and encourage their stability and growth. View Peter's profile on LinkedIn.

Peter has given conference presentations on How to Get the Most From a Contractor and Bootcamp: Linux Administration.

Marissa Watson: Developer

Specialties: Web development

Other: Linux, interior decorating, reading, coffee

Location: Grandville, Michigan

Before joining Agathon Group, Marissa was the web developer for Cornerstone University Radio. She has also spent a number of years designing and developing websites for local small businesses and non-profits. She enjoys exploring new technologies and learning how to write more efficient web applications.

Marvin: Agathon Group Robot

Specialties: Responding to emails with identical messages, assigning ticket numbers, volleyball

Other: Takes on the personality of all other Agathon group employees at various times but prefers Morgan

Location: Magrathea

Marvin comes to the Agathon Group from the year 2050, and though he is just a machine, he is a friendly machine, not a mindless killer. You can hear from him at anytime by emailing support@agathongroup.com.

Brian Pikkaart: Systems Administrator

Specialties: Systems administration and architecture

Other: Soccer, coffee, politics, rainy days

Location: South Haven, Michigan

Brian came to Agathon having most recently worked with U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) where he deployed large-scale network services for CBP and the Department of Homeland Security. Prior to that he was with Gospel Communications, heading up the web development and systems administration teams. Brian enjoys solving problems, organizing chaos, and developing solutions. View Brian's profile on LinkedIn.

Rachel Ramirez: Business Manager

Specialties: Business & Project Management

Other: Spanish, ballet, tennis

Location: West Hills, California

Rachel came to Agathon Group from Amgen, Inc. where, as a PMP, she was a project leader for IT projects, both large and small. She has led teams to deliver both vendor- and in-house developed applications as well as process improvement projects. With her degree in International Business from Pepperdine University, Rachel complements the Agathon Group team with her financial, project, and business management skillset.

Rachel has given conference presentations on How to Get the Most From a Contractor and Managing a Virtual Team.

Kedron Rhodes: Strategic Designer

Specialties: Design research, business strategy, visual design

Other: Woodworking, photography, triathlons

Location: Lowell, Michigan

Kedron is a strategic designer with one foot firmly planted in user centered design and the other firmly planted in innovative business strategy. With 15 years of design experience and 2 business degrees, Kedron brings a unique and effective approach to solving complex design challenges.

He has brought his expertise to non-profit and for-profit organizations; to startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with clients in education, manufacturing, healthcare, government, national politics, and publishing.

View Kedron's profile on LinkedIn, or follow him @kedronrhodes.

Alan Ritari: CEO, Owner

Specialties: Project management, database design, application architecture

Other: Photography, food, linguistics

Location: Kaimuki, Hawaii

Alan has spent most of his working life developing for the Internet, first as a developer, then lead developer and eventually project manager. During tenures at Gospel Communications and Donor.com, he helped assemble and develop the technologies that enabled those organizations to grow explosively. He now uses those same skills to streamline our project workflow and help organizations of all sizes flourish. View Alan's profile on LinkedIn.

Alan has given conference presentations on Managing a Virtual Team, When to Hire a Contractor, Doing Ministry with Remote Staff, and Top 10 Mistakes Christian Web Sites Make.

Ron Veenstra: Developer

Specialties: Programming, database design, application design

Other: Baseball, running, golf

Location: Jenison, Michigan

Before coming to Agathon Group, Ron was a software developer for Gospel Communications, spending a number of years as the lead programmer of The Bible Gateway. He continues to write software and solve hard problems as a member of the Agathon Group team.

Paul Yuen: Art Director

Specialties: Visual design, Flash design and development, Brand conceptualization and strategy, video production, audio production

Other: Music, photography

Location: Tucson, Arizona

With a strong background in the Ad-Marketing industry, Paul Yuen has worked with companies like Jaguar, NBA, ACE Hardware and General Motors. Paul has a heart for non-profit organizations which lead him to Gospel Communications. There he redesigned their international corporate brand and served as a design lead on their online properties like BibleGateway.com and Gospel.com. As a Certified Flash Designer and with over ten years in the industry, he now brings his diverse creativity to the Agathon Group as their Art Director.