Partnering with good people doing good work.

Designing and building world-changing web and mobile applications since 1999.

We love building the web

Agathon started 20 years ago as a team of people united by the conviction that the best job is the one you love doing.

We're passionate about supporting people and organizations doing good work. We've worked with worldwide mission organizations, large publishers, professional bloggers, and most of the top-ranked universities in the U.S. Our clients also include a Global 500 retailer, an international event and ticket management system, and a healthcare data provider. We continually expand the diversity in our work as we embark on new partnerships.

Agathon starburst

We're a creative, caring, and curious team of thinkers, makers, and tinkerers.

Alan Ritari
Partner, CEO
Brian Pikkaart
Systems Engineer
Danny Kwon
Project Manager
Eryn Taylor
Jeff Villamin
Software Developer
Joel Boonstra
Marissa Yuen
Senior Developer
Rachel Ramirez
Business Manager
Ron Veenstra
Senior Developer

We're a distributed team, dedicated to making the internet better for everyone!

Seven things that make us tick

Be Transparent

We believe that transparency is a key ingredient of a healthy partnership. It reduces those unpleasant surprises and builds trust.

Practice Empathy

More than a buzzword, we put empathy into practice. Understanding someone else's perspective takes work, and it's the kind of work we are committed to doing.


The best ideas come through collaboration with each other and with our clients! Collaboration is the rocket engine behind making great software.

Do What's Right

We believe doing the right thing, regardless of who sees it, is good for our customers and good for us. Integrity is the foundation for building a long-lasting partnership.

Get Things Done

We're a driven team of problem solvers! We like checking off things that move the needle.

Make it Better

We believe that bringing order to chaos, designing experiences that uplift humanity, and creatively unlocking ideas make the world a better place.


We adapt because no two clients are the same. We don't let a cookie-cutter process get in the way of great results.

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